Actions and Words

Actions speak louder than words.

If so, then what I want to hear from you and what I wish to share with you will be loud and clear.

I am Adrien LaBombarde. And I am a candidate for the position of President of the CountryPlace Master Community Association.

The numerous positive actions I have supported for the community speak for themselves and will be heard by CountryPlace residents decades after our own generation has passed. And the many actions I have done and given to the community tell more than any words I can say. Words that matter most to us — like “responsive” · like “experienced” · like “accessible” · like “leadership” — any of these words is meaningless without concrete action that improves our community.

So this “WordPress” weblog could better be known as an “ActionPress” page. What we can do. What we can be. Together.

Even past the day I die, I will be serving CountryPlace in every way I can, whether or not I am chosen to be President. What I seek most is to make our home a better place for every resident to serve and to be served, to hear and to be heard, and to fully enjoy the life we share and the future we give to those who will fill our tomorrows.

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