From Retirement Planning to Retirement Living

Soon I will conclude over 40 years of a unique pension actuarial career as a top expert, creative innovator, executive and leader in retirement planning. I now turn to my next 40 years building a warm retirement home and sharing abundant retirement living at CountryPlace.

I will be leaving public service with one of the most hated employers in America, now choosing private service for one of the most loving and beloved communities here at CountryPlace.

Like the 5 years of cooperative college education (6 months of classes balanced with 6 months of advanced employment each year) I had before beginning my profession as a pension actuary, I have spent my first 5 years of life at CountryPlace learning everything I can about our community, being as actively involved as I can, donating and serving in every way I can.

My 40 years of professional leadership extended past every conceivable horizon of financial responsibility and executive decision-making, ranging from individual inheritance plans no other actuary has calculated, to key roles in the creation of new pension plan designs now widely used, to an actuarial audit of the Social Security System.  Now my next 40 years of personal experience will carry me into every corner of CountryPlace, using my experience and dedication to serve the security and growth and enjoyment of the investment we have made in these, the best years of our lives.

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