Coming to CountryPlace

Susan and I moved to CountryPlace in November 2012 because we knew it was our home.

We moved to CountryPlace from Meadows of Clear Creek, a neighborhood in Harris County just off the other side of Pearland. The year 2011 had been a year of major changes for us: a major hospitalization for me that took me through death and back; college graduation of all three of our children; a wedding for our eldest daughter; brief emptying of our nest by our other two children; and major work on our house. Deciding the moment to be right for turning from a huge family home with a backyard pool in a neighborhood facing numerous problems to a retirement home where we could be part of a close-knit community, we shrugged off nearby Bellavita to check out CountryPlace.

We looked very briefly looking at several townhouses and houses then on the market, drove around, chatted with a few residents, then stopped into the Carriage House for a quick talk with Evelyn Wiley. Within that single hour of first impressions, I told Susan as we were driving through the exit gate, “It already feels as though this is our home.”

Within weeks after moving in, we attended our first CountryPlace event, the annual Christmas Concert by the CountryPlace Singers. Within weeks, Susan had joined the Singers and the Women’s Discussion Group, while I had hitched up with the Ragtimers, the Special Projects Group, and the Men’s Discussion Group. Instantly we were members of the CountryPlace family. We were most definitely home.

I accepted the recommendation of CountryPlace leaders to stand as a candidate for the position of President of our community’s board because we want to keep CountryPlace our home. Our REAL home.

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