REAL Change Doesn’t Go In Reverse

[W]e will not be interacting with any Residents during this Session ”
warning included in “notice” of a “open” CPMCA Board “workshop”


If we wish to get a taxi from CountryPlace to Houston Hobby for a vacation flight out of town, “change” shouldn’t mean charge us for a joyride through Hill Country on the way to getting us to the airport late. Likewise, when homeowners are preached at about “change-change-change,” we should not be forced to accept racing full speed in the wrong direction. When “the way we have always done it” is the best way to do it, change from that way is not growth. Backward change can only be destructive.

Until the past eighteen months, our Board always interacted with homeowners during its meetings, even during its agenda meetings. Change now means that homeowners are selectively censored, warned that they will be escorted out if they speak to serious concerns that certain officers don’t wish other homeowners to hear. Change now means that signing up to speak won’t insure that a homeowner will even be recognized. Change now means that sometimes the homeowners’ forum is completely ignored in favor of improper electioneering. Change now means that in some meetings, the Board “will not be interacting” with homeowners at all. Change now means silencing the homeowners’ voice. Backward change.

REAL Responsiveness will always be interacting with residents at every meeting, at each and every opportunity.

REAL Experience will always be listening to homeowners, involving them in each discussion and in every action that affects our community.

REAL Accessibility will always be truly open not merely to distant “observation,” but to full participation.

And REAL Leadership will always be bringing the Board together with our homeowners instead of eliminating privileges homeowners should always have.

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