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Timeline of certain happenings relevant to the pandemic. This account will never be complete or balanced, nor is it intended to be. It is meant for no other purpose than to aid my explorations into this experience, so will tend to focus on events or changes that might have affected the history or might influence the future of this.

Dates on which certain individuals passed away due to the coronavirus are given in the Deaths directory of this weblog post.

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2020 May

— pre-2020 —

— 2017 July 20 —

  • Tom Bossert calls for a comprehensive bio-defense strategy against pandemics and bio-chemical attacks. No action was taken in response to his warnings, and within a year he was fired and the pandemic team with which he worked was disbanded and not replaced.

— 2018 April 10 —

  • Tom Bossert fired by the White House. Bossert had been pushing to further the development of a strategy to combat the inevitable pandemic that all authoritative epidemiologists had been predicting.

— 2020 January —

— 2020 January 31 —

— 2020 February —

— 2020 February 6 —

  • Earliest known U.S. death due to COVID-19, in Santa Clara Country, California

— 2020 March —

— 2020 March 11 —

  • WHO declaration of a worldwide pandemic.

— 2020 March 13 —

  • National emergency finally declared in the U.S., two days after WHO declaration of a worldwide pandemic, 6 weeks after the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a public health emergency of international concern, and five weeks after the first death in the U.S. due to COVID-19 had put the U.S. on notice that “international” included all countries without exception. Even this U.S. declaration of national emergency was of rather limited scope, aimed primarily at providing a legal framework under which emergency federal funding could be released to states. National and key local leaders were still dismissing the threat. (The “Public Health Emergency” announced by the U.S. HHS on 2020 Jan 31 was of no practical consequence, with the Secretary of HHS persisting in downplaying the threat for weeks afterward.)

— 2020 April —

— 2020 May —

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