COVID-19 — Personal Notes

In Development — This post is in a highly dynamic phase, with daily additions made throughout any of its pages. Nothing herein should be considered complete.
[ARL · 2020 apr 9]
Ask an Actuary

Personal Notes

My own explorations on the topic. (Need I reiterate the disclaimer I have been placing on each and every page of this project?—The entire content of this project is intended solely for the personal private interest of the author. I use this weblog only because the hypertext links and other technology behind the Internet facilitates the modeling and background notes I have been keeping offline – that offline content, by the way, representing the portion of the iceberg beneath the surface. And I post this tip of the iceberg openly only in the same manner that I have been known to discuss my thoughts on this during lunch with friends or in other similar settings; even if overheard by someone in the vicinity, that doesn’t make any of this meant or suited for broad dissemination. Et cetera. Please read the disclaimer another dozen times before proceeding through anything on this or any other page in this project.)

  • Off the Cuff — Personal comments on various topics
  • World — Notes on global experience with the pandemic
  • Countries (ex USA) — Notes on COVID-19 pandemic experience among countries other than the United States
  • United States — Notes on United States experience with the pandemic
  • U.S. States — Notes on COVID-19 pandemic experience for particular states of the U.S.
  • Counties and Cities — Notes on COVID-19 pandemic experience among select U.S. counties and cities
Disclaimer — Any analysis, comment, conclusions or other content herein is completely of a personal nature intended for the private use of the author. It should not be represented nor used as actuarial or other professional advice. Links to other websites do not connote endorsement of the content of those sources.
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