COVID-19 — Personal Notes

Counties and Cities

— notes on COVID-19 pandemic experience among select U.S. counties and cities —

Brazoria Country TX

TX Brazoria Cases New 04.30

New COVID-19 cases in Brazoria County TX have not reached a peak as of April 30. So on the eve when the Texas governor will be beginning to re-open businesses across the entire state, Brazoria County has not yet met a single one of the conditions set forth by the CDC for stage 1 of recovery. The spread of the coronavirus in Brazoria County is not yet under control. [ARL 2020 Apr 30 CDST 19:44]

Montgomery Country TX

Montgomery Cty TX Hospitalizations 04.29

In Montgomery County TX, the on-going level of COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped briefly in mid-April, but has quickly regained its earlier high … not where the county ought to be as it heads for premature total reopening within the next several days, in complete noncompliance with state guidance and CDC guidelines. [ARL 2020 Apr 29 CDST 21:15]

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