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Adrien & Susan


Adrien and Susan moved to CountryPlace in November 2012.

Adrien has served CountryPlace as the Coordinator of the Special Projects Group. As a member of the group, he leads a community hurricane preparedness team and manages the group’s involvement in Casino Night and holiday decorating and un-decorating. He has led and actively participated in many other Special Project Group volunteer projects.

Adrien serves as Treasurer of the CountryPlace Players. As a member of the Players, he has acted in several productions … and even designed, baked and decorated several unique cakes for cast parties!

He has contributed donations to numerous CountryPlace projects and has been involved in many other community programs, including: roles in several of Ann Landry’s special productions; performances at a special Memorial Day concert and at the Golf Club Grand Opening; and active participation in the Singers, the Ragtimers, the Men’s Discussion Group, Adopt-a-Hole, Line Dancing, Karaoke and other activities. He even played grandma in the award-winning Little Red Riding Hood ensemble at a CountryPlace Halloween party!

Professional Career

Adrien retires this year from a pension actuary position with the National Office of the IRS after over 40 years of leadership experience including—

  • Assistant Vice President, Mutual Benefit Life (Newark, NJ)
  • Assistant Vice President, Johnson & Higgins (Wall Street, NYC)
  • Manager of Pension Research Group and Partner, Milliman (Washington DC)

A nationally recognized authority in retirement planning, Adrien has managed and personally completed numerous major projects, providing creative solutions to clients worldwide, including—

  • Developed key features of pension funding reform.
  • Performed an official actuarial audit of U.S. Social Security system.
  • Served as an official arbitrator for two large corporate asset transfers.
  • Served as expert witness for three major litigated cases.
  • Assisted World Bank in development of Albanian social security system.
  • Assisted development of numerous pension regulations.
  • Provided advanced consulting advice for development of governmental accounting standards, development of utility regulatory standards, development of funding standards for multiemployer pension plans, and numerous other major projects.

Adrien has personally completed numerous advanced projects for governmental agencies, including special valuations of terminating pension plans for major bankrupt airlines, analysis of pension plan integration with Social Security, and development of draft pension plan mergers for a proposed government plan for steel industry rescue.

Adrien was the co-founder and co-chair of the Practitioners Task Force on Cash Balance Plans; he was personally credited with ground-breaking work developing the cash balance design, today the most prominent pension plan design in the United States. He has led and served on various other professional committees, including a committee developing the enrolled actuaries exam; delivered hundreds of speeches to both technical and lay audiences; and served as associate editor of the Enrolled Actuaries Report and published numerous articles. He is the author of the landmark book, A Guide to Nondiscrimination Requirements for Qualified Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans.


Adrien graduated magna cum laude from Drexel University (Philadelphia) with a Bachelor of Science degree, double majoring in mathematics and English. He was a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, honoring excellence in mathematics; an editor of the college literary magazine; a member of the student campus security force; and a baritone player in the college concert band.

He graduated high school with honors from Spring-Ford High School (Royersford PA). He was a member of the student council and the head editor of the high school literary magazine and received the school’s creative writing award; he won several school mathematics awards; and he participated in the high school’s concert and marching bands, the stage crew, the photography club, the chess club and numerous other school activities.


Adrien was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has been a Houstonian since his marriage with Susan in 1999. Adrien and Susan are proud of her three children — Kelly (an economist), Natalie (a school teacher) and Jenny (a hair stylist) —…and look forward to grandchildren!

Adrien attends every Pearland City Council meeting that doesn’t conflict with a scheduled CountryPlace activity. He is a member of the Friends of Pearland Westside Library and he participates in the library’s Adult Book Club.

Adrien enjoys math, chess, reading, writing, singing, helping Susan with her many projects, even acting . . . and volunteering at CountryPlace!!


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